About True-Tec

Located in the center of the Beijing Economics and Technology Development Area (BDA), True-Tec is known by its ability to supply innovative, cost effective and quality assured load cells in reasonable lead time to meet the constantly changing and ever more demanding needs of our customers.

Founded in 2004, Beijing True-Tec Co., Ltd has become one of the world leaders in the field of high accuracy strain gage load cell manufacturing. The company continues to grow and improve technologically over the years. In 2019, True-Tec established a branch in the United States (True-Tec International LLC) to further meet the needs of American and European markets and establish more commercial and technological cooperation.

The company’s constant pursue for excellence has provided our customers with exceptional load cell products as well as solutions to their business or technology challenges. Beijing True-Tec has developed a solid technical foundation through years of experiments and research. Such foundation, combined with our meticulous production management system and constant innovation, has enabled Beijing True-Tec to exceed the increasing expectations and requirements from our customers.

The once complicated and challenging manufacturing procedures were streamlines thanks to our independently developed production control system, which effectively monitors and controls the factors that influence metrological performance of load cells. Such control system ensures that every single load cell shipped out of our facility can satisfy our customers’ requirements. It also helps to make sure that all the orders are being completed and delivered in a timely and efficient way.

Beijing True-Tec has been dedicated to improving our customer support and manufacturing controls abilities, so that we can continuously provide our customers with exceptional load cell products. In the meantime, we explore the opportunity to be part of ever growing AI-based weighing technology. Customers and suppliers from domestic and foreign weighing industries are always welcomed to discuss technologies and establish cooperative relationships.




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